A great Canadian brand

Before the outdoors became an industry, a fashion and a market, there were people "playing" outside. Without thinking that they were practicing an activity, a sport. People from different backgrounds. With different cultural references. People who were already taking care of their environment before it was even called the Environment. Green, yes, but not in a political sense. Real green.

Autumn 1980. We spent dozens of winters looking for ways to better conserve heat. Dozens of summers rethinking a new way of evacuating heat. Dozens of autumns to be redone and undone. Dozens of springs to understand how the seasons shape us. We were seen on the highest mountains in the world. We were also seen in a neighborhood near you. You are inseparable from our success. You are our primary fibre. We share the same DNA. We don't want to be recognized as visionaries, we prefer to look forward. Continue to "play" outside. Like in 1980.


In Chicoutimi, a small town in northern Quebec, adventure enthusiasts dreamed of offering both beginners and experts high-performance clothing and equipment for outdoor activities. Back from a three-year trip across the Americas, Gilles Couët and Laval Tremblay will partner with Pierre Beaudoin to design and produce the first CHLOROPHYLLE HI- TECH clothing.


This very successful period in mission and exploration allowed Chlorophylle to capitalize on its knowledge. By equipping scientists, explorers and adventurers of modern times, we have been able to improve our products by adjusting to the weather. Research and development in the field. In its pure state.


Chlorophylle has always been a strong environmental defender. The highlight of our environmental development was the participation, as a major partner, in the Antarctic mission of the Sedna IV in 2005. A year-long trip, where explorers, scientists and observers would spend a year on a boat and spend a full winter trapped in the ice of Antarctica. Each of the participants, dressed from head to toe by Chlorophylle.


We open our first dedicated store in Carleton-sur-Mer in Gaspésie under the name of Aux Quatre-Vents. Since then, we are everywhere in Quebec and available online.



The outdoor industry is changing. So is society. The gaps between fashion and sport are narrowing. People want to be comfortable everywhere and realize that technical clothing that adapts to temperature and weather is practical and useful, even in urban environments. Chlorophylle gains a much larger customer base with the development of a ready-to-wear line.



More than ever, we are returning to the sources. We are working to develop new fibres or more efficient and environmentally friendly insulating materials. We are working on new lines: more specialized clothing for outdoor sports. We continue to sponsor structuring projects such as Canada C3.