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Chl ultra pants

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1 color

Chl plus pants

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Chl plus zip top

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Chl2 pants

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Chl2 hoodie

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Chl2 crew neck

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Chl performance crew neck

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Chl performance pants

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Men's Base Layers:

The main purpose of thermal underwear or a base layer is to manage the moisture produced by the body. This base layer helps eliminate perspiration and, depending on the type of physical activity, it must also provide warmth or keep you cool.

To be effective, it should be snug without being too tight, allowing moisture to be transported to the outside while retaining heat. A base layer should provide effective odor protection and also keep you warm and dry.

Are you looking for the most comfortable and high-performance layering system? We have everything you need! Our guide on the layering system explains how to choose the right clothing by combining a proven base layer, intermediate layer, and outer layer. 

Feel free to consult our article to select the base layer that suits you best.