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Some Good Steps / To Get Started

Fighting stains on your clothes can sometimes seem like a challenge, but with a few simple steps, you can effectively get rid of them. Follow these tips to preserve the beauty of your clothes and extend their life.

  1. Choose Water Temperature: To reduce stubborn stains, opt for a warm water wash. Prefer a mild soap and get a quality sponge. Hot water helps loosen embedded particles, making them easier to remove.

  2. Effective Pretreatment: Before washing, start by dabbing or blotting the stain. This helps remove excess and prepare the area for a deeper clean. Avoid rubbing the stain, as this could spread or push it further into the fabric. Excessive rubbing can also create unwanted abrasion marks on the fabric.

  3. Beneficial Soaking: If the stain persists, don't hesitate to soak the garment for a few minutes in a solution of warm water and mild soap. Soaking helps loosen the stain for more effective removal.

These simple steps will help you get rid of stains without damaging your precious clothes. By following these tips, you will preserve the beauty and integrity of your outfits, while extending their life.

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Optimize the longevity of your clothes by reducing wear and tear from washing. Prefer washing when necessary, as excessive washing can accelerate wear and tear. In addition to saving water and energy, wearing your clothes multiple times before washing is an eco-friendly trick that also helps prolong their life span.

Furthermore, to prevent pulled threads and damage from washing, make sure your clothes are fully closed. Zip up zippers, fasten hooks or buckles, and button snap buttons. This attention to detail when washing will help preserve the integrity of your clothes, keeping them in better condition for longer and reducing the need to replace your wardrobe frequently, which is both economical and environmentally friendly.

Using Grangers Products

Grangers products are references in terms of cleaning and waterproofing for your outdoor clothing. Our company offers a wide range of bluesign® certified products and is proud of its commitment to sustainability, with an entire range free of PFCs. By choosing Grangers products, you are helping to extend the life of your clothing, shoes and technical equipment while preserving the environment.

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Favor Gentle Drying

To reduce damage caused by heat during drying, it is recommended to hang your clothes up or lay them flat to dry naturally. This gentle method preserves the fabric fibers, preventing shrinkage, discoloration, and premature wear.

Control the Temperature

To avoid damage caused by heat and excessive tumbling in the dryer, opt for the lowest temperature possible. High temperatures can cause fiber distortion and loss of elasticity, which in turn can affect the comfort and appearance of your clothes.

In addition, setting the low temperature saves energy, which is both economical for you and environmentally friendly. By following these simple tips, you will help preserve the quality of your clothes while making a gesture for the planet.