Discover our exclusive collection of heated clothing for women in collaboration with the company ewool®. Your ultimate destination to stay warm during the winter months partners with ewool's cutting-edge innovation to provide you with an unparalleled thermal experience.

Thanks to our partnership with ewool®, we take pride in presenting to you the highest-quality heated clothing. Whether you are looking for a heated jacket or heated accessories, our selection of clothing is designed to offer you absolute comfort in cold weather, all backed by the excellent reputation of ewool's technology.

Our heated clothing incorporates ewool's cutting-edge technology, using ultra-thin heating elements to emit gentle and comforting warmth. Whether you are engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, or ice fishing, or simply aiming to stay warm daily, our heated clothing ensures optimal protection against winter temperatures.

Explore fashion-forward styles that do not compromise on functionality, all thanks to the synergy of our expertise and ewool's innovation. Our heated clothing is designed to provide freedom of movement while retaining heat, and they come equipped with practical features like long-lasting rechargeable batteries and adjustable heat controls.

Do not let the cold deter you from enjoying your favorite activities. Explore our range of heated clothing in collaboration with ewool® and stay warm with style and cutting-edge technology.

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Solis - women's sleeveless heated jacket with e...

Recycled : This garment is made entirely or partially from recycled materials. It consumes less water and energy, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious consumers.
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