Discover our kids's clothing carefully crafted from organic cotton, embodying responsible fashion that respects the environment. Grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, our pieces significantly reduce our ecological footprint, while using significantly less water than conventional cotton. Explore our range and embrace sustainable fashion that combines elegance and ecological commitment, with GOTS certification guaranteeing socially responsible processes.


Discover our exceptional selection of children's clothing and accessories, specially designed to accompany them in all their outdoor adventures. Here, you'll find a comprehensive range, from high-quality snowsuits, waterproofs, and mid-season coats to fleece jackets, sandals, sports shoes, and warm winter boots.

We are committed to providing your little explorers with the best in comfort and durability. Explore our carefully curated collection that blends functionality and practicality, ensuring that your children are not only ready for their next adventure but also well-dressed for any occasion.

Our snowsuits are designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions, ensuring warmth and protection on snowy days. Raincoats are essential companions to stay dry in the rain, while mid-season jackets offer light and breathable protection, perfect for cooler days.

Warm winter boots provide effective thermal insulation and optimal grip on snow and ice. Our sandals and sports shoes are suitable for all activities, whether playing in the garden, hiking, or participating in sports games. They are designed to provide optimal support and a comfortable fit, allowing your children to move freely and with confidence.

At Chlorophylle, we understand the importance of dressing your children in quality items. Explore our collection now and give your little adventurers the comfort they need to explore the world around them. Order today and prepare them for unforgettable outdoor moments!

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Organic : Choosing organic cotton is a great way to protect the environment and support sustainable farming practices. Organic cotton is cotton that is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, it consumes much less water than regular cotton. It is grown on land that has been treated by giving it enough time for the elimination of all toxic residues of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used previously.
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