Chlorophylle core values

Chlorophylle core values "Our clothes have no complexes," said former president and co-founders Gilles Couet when he spoke of Chlorophylle clothing. They are versatile, quality and they are not afraid of wear and tear. We all have a history on a Chlorophylle coat that we have kept for decades! Our desire is not to follow fashion, but if nature is fashionable, we are!

We take our inspiration from nature to offer clothing that allows outdoor enthusiasts to move, stay active and play outside! We keep telling ourselves that there is no bad weather, only bad clothes! Whether it is to find new technologies, or the colors of our products, we take the time to appreciate the nature that surrounds us to create.

A brand that respects the environment

Product quality and respect for the environment are an integral part of our daily actions. We are constantly working to find environmentally friendly technologies that meet our highest quality standards. Whether it is recycled polyester, organic cotton, tencel or other materials, we strive day after day to review and expand their use in our products.

Nature lovers

Whether by the materials used in our products or our daily actions, Chlorophylle is made by nature lovers. The quality of our clothes and our thirst to push our limits are at the heart of our actions. This is what has made our reputation since 1980.